Found Footage - How the Astro-Zombies Saved My Life and Other Tales of Movie Madness!

Found Footage - How the Astro-Zombies Saved My Life and Other Tales of Movie Madness

What the Experts are Saying!

"If you're a media-soaked baby boomer like myself, you'll love immersing yourself in Found Footage, Joe Kane's terrifically entertaining trip down a memory lane littered with Saturday matinees and now obscure TV shows. It's funny, insightful and fiercely personal--at times I thought I was reading about my own life!"
~ Joe Dante, Gremlins

"Good lord! It often seems like Joe Kane and I shared the same life--at least when it came to movies. Smart, hilarious, and nostalgically sad, it brought all kinds of wonderful memories to the surface. Since I can't go back in time, reading Joe Kane's book is the next best thing."
~ Frank Henenlotter, Basket Case

"This is one of my favorite reads of 2018. I've gone back to it several times."
~ Richard Klemensen, Little Shoppe of Horrors

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